By far the best trailer I have ever owned, makes every job a breeze...
-Tim Davaris

 Redline Trailers in action
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By Faith Northcott 08 Aug, 2017
Steve from the Farmers Warehouse picking up his new 750 Flat Top trailer on a lovely rainy morning
By Faith Northcott 08 Aug, 2017
Dean from Delta picking up the second of their big haul Kenso promo trailers
For full details of the promotion available here:
By Faith Northcott 24 May, 2017
Muddy's Contracting using their Redline  900 Tipper to make the most of a tight space demolition.
By Faith Northcott 24 May, 2017
Corkhill's Ag Services picking up 3 pallets of fertiliser In their RL-900 Tipper trailer fitted with double fold livestock side panels and rear grain chute. Matt says the versatility of the trailer means it gets used in the business nearly every day for every thing from pallets to bulk fertiliser and sheep. Great to see!
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Want to win a Redline Trailer?
Delta Agribusiness have taken delivery of the first of their two Redline Trailers that are up for grabs.

You can get a ticket for the draw if you spend $1,000  on Kenso Products at a Delta Agribusiness store. 
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